The Heart – An Amazing Organ

February is heart month. InjuReplay not only wants you to know more about your injury and how to recover from it, but also your body and how to keep it healthy both pre and post injury! Did you know that the average heart rate of an average adult is 72 beats per minute? If you […]

So what is a concussion?

Concussion. It has become quite the buzz word in both the medical and sports worlds.  Let’s take a high-level look at what a concussion is and why attention needs paid to this serious injury.   So what is a concussion? Basically, a concussion occurs when trauma to the head and neck causes a vigorous, unnatural […]

Sore Knee? PFPS? Possibly…

One of the more common injuries we see with young athletes but can happen to any active individual is anterior knee pain, or what is known as patellofemoral pain syndrome or PFPS. PFPS is an irritation on the undersurface of the knee cap. Most people with this condition will complain of pain along the inside […]