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Not as familiar with the human anatomy as you’d like to be? Not a problem. InjuReplay’s Interactive Athlete will familiarize you with the human body and highlight some of areas prone to sports-related injuries. Simply touch the diagram and our Interactive Athlete will suggest areas of interest.

When you choose a specific body part, the Interactive Athlete will provide detailed information that explains the function of that part and corresponding sport injury case studies, research and treatment. The Interactive Athlete app features:

  • 3-D gaming technology
  • Interactive
  • Medical Definitions
  • Entire 3-D Body
  • Cross Linking of Menu Items
  • Touchscreen Location Based Menu System
  • List of Common Sports Injuries

The InjuReplay™ sports injury app, which is available on Android, iOS, and Windows phones and devices, allows users to quickly understand sports injuries, possible treatments, and potential sports injury recovery time frames. It provides educational information about pro-sports injuries, college sports injuries, fantasy player injuries, youth sports injuries and more.

The Interactive Athlete sports injury app provides instant educational injury information for specific afflictions, categorized by the body part affected. The user opens the app to access a 3D model of the human body, then clicks on different body parts to see a list of four or five sports injuries related to that body part. The app is designed so users can see quickly how a sports injury will affect an athlete, whether it’s a fantasy league player evaluating a trade, a concerned parent at a school football game, or a fan wondering when his favorite player will be back on the field.


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Sports Injury Dictionary

Just what is turf toe? Check out our Sports Injury Dictionary to help break down the medical sports jargon for the average sports fan. We provide information on sports injuries, treatment and estimated recovery time. From diving to football, from head to toe, if it can be injured than we’ve got it covered.


Welcome to one of InjuReplay’s most powerful tools, our video library of sports injuries. These videos cater to college and professional sports. They not only quickly educate fans about injuries and treatments, but offer tips on how to prevent injuries. Imagine using these videos on sports venue video screens or your team’s website.


Dive into the wealth of sports information that InjuReplay has to offer. With our team of medical professionals and wide array of sports contributors, let InjuReplay be your Sports Injury Insider™. We provide information to all sports fans from topics like bone health prevention to tips for avoiding injury during fall and winter activities.

Sports Injury Dictionary

Just what is turf toe or a rotator cuff? If it can be injured, you’ll find information about it here along with common treatments associated with the injury and the estimated time to replay.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most common sports injury questions here. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, consult our dictionary or injury resources.