High School Athletes and Concussion Dangers

BY JOE ALBERICO, Senior Staff Writer InjuReplay In an office in Lincoln, Nebraska, Blake Lawrence sits at his desk, staring into a computer screen without the focus he once had. Nearly 300 miles away, in Hannibal, Missouri, high school senior Devon Thomas is on his way to a local hospital, unable to understand why. Lawrence, […]

Hudl, InjuReplay Announce Partnership

Move will provide educational video content to millions of coaches, athletes The Lincoln-based sports tech company InjuReplay announced today its partnership with Hudl to offer a series of videos through Hudl’s recently launched Performance Center. “Hudl is excited to take a step with InjuReplay to continue pushing great video content to our users. Not only […]

InjuReplay Animation in L.A. Coliseum


Our InjuReplay animation was visible in front of over 90,000 fans during the USC-Fresno State home football pre-game. Look for us in the Oregon State and Colorado home games as well. Dr. G. Frederick Hatch, orthopedic surgeon in the Sports Medicine Department of Keck Medicine of USC, talks about this common sports injury utilizing Injureplay’s […]

MCL in the modern era

Oh how medicine changes in 25 years. Recently, Nebraska All American offensive lineman Spencer Long suffered a season ending MCL injury, early in the Purdue game, and it reminded me of 1986. Why? I recalled my college career as a student athlete. << Me with hair. As I tell my patients, I have more scars than letters […]


Injury Minute – Concussions


A concussion can occur with a direct blow to the head or when the head hits the ground or court. It’s a traumatic brain injury and results in neuro cognitive changes within the brain. Symptoms can be headache, nassau, blurred vision, difficulty with balance and concentration.

If a player is suspected to have a concussion an athletic trainer or physician can initiate a sideline cognitive assessment. Once diagnosed rest is the key.

  • No texting
  • No video games
  • No intense science or math problems

In most states a player can not return to play unless symptom free for 7-10 days or cleared by a health care provider.

Player Impact Can Not Play
Treatment Rest 
Recovery 7 – 10 days

InjuReplay Releases Interactive Sports Injury App

Using 3D gaming technology, the iOS and Android app provides on-the-spot data about common real-time sports injuries and sports injury recovery. Lincoln, NE (PRWEB) October 31, 2013 InjuReplay, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based company that provides educational sports injury information for fans, parents, coaches, athletes and fantasy league enthusiasts, recently released a sports injury app called Interactive […]

Injury Minute – Turf Toe

Turf Toe Turf Toe is often misunderstood and is much more serious than an infected toe nail. The big toe has a ligament that helps with up and down movement with flexion and extension. It acquired it’s name from artificial turf in the 1970’s when injuries would occur from planting, pivoting and pushing off with […]

Injury Minute ACL

ACL – anterior cruciate ligament The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament, one of the more commonly known sports injuries, could be season ending. The ACL gets it’s name from the latin word “cruciate”, meaning “cross” because the ACL crosses in the front part of the knee. It helps stabilize the Femur to the Tibia and prevents […]

Big Red Wrap-up Concussion

Watch Big Red Wrap-up with hosts Kevin Kugler, Adrian Fiala and Blake Lawrence as they recap the Husker’s first game of Big Ten conference play against Illinois as well as taking a look at concussions with guest expert, Dr. Rob Rhodes, founder of InjuReplay. watch now

How To Avoid Weekend Warrior Injuries

It’s important to be physically active, and avoid injuries at the same time. This is especially important for a ‘weekend warrior’. If you are sedentary, it’s extremely important to plan ahead in order to avoid exercise-related injuries. After all, the human body cannot go from ‘inactive’ mode to ‘weekend warrior’ mode in an instant. Exercise […]