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A high ankle sprain: should you use ice or heat? This is a great question because both can be extremely beneficial but should be used at different times.

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Did You Know?

A concussion can occur with a direct blow to the head or when the head hits the ground or court. It’s a traumatic brain injury and results in neuro cognitive changes within the brain. Symptoms can be headache, nassau, blurred vision, difficulty with balance and concentration.

If a player is suspected to have a concussion an athletic trainer or physician can initiate a sideline cognitive assessment. Once diagnosed rest is the key.

  • No texting
  • No video games
  • No intense science or math problems

In most states a player cannot return to play unless symptom free for 7-10 days or cleared by a health care provider.

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Sports Injury Dictionary

Just what is turf toe? Check out our Sports Injury Dictionary to help break down the medical sports jargon for the average sports fan. We provide information on sports injuries, treatment and estimated recovery time. From diving to football, from head to toe, if it can be injured than we’ve got it covered.


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Sports Injury Dictionary

Just what is turf toe or a rotator cuff? If it can be injured, you’ll find information about it here along with common treatments associated with the injury and the estimated time to replay.

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