Catching 40 Winks: The Importance of Sleep

As a healthcare professionals, we help you relieve pain with a combination of exercises and other treatment techniques, but nothing helps muscle recovery more than rest and relaxation. We would like to take a moment to have you step back and help you reexamine the importance of sleep. Sleep is a very important part of […]

The Heart – An Amazing Organ

February is heart month. InjuReplay not only wants you to know more about your injury and how to recover from it, but also your body and how to keep it healthy both pre and post injury! Did you know that the average heart rate of an average adult is 72 beats per minute? If you […]

Did that antibiotic cause my tendon injury?

Could the antibiotic your physician prescribes cause you injury? According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) black box warning from June 29, 2009, prescribing medications from the Fluroquinolone class could increase the risk for tendonitis, tendon injury or even worse, a rupture to the tendon.   Medications in this class go by the name, […]

Rob Rhodes, MD Announced As 2013 PIPELINE Fellow

Pipeline Selects Rob Rhodes, MD for 2013 Entrepreneurial Fellows Program Founder and CEO of Lincoln-based InjuReplay chosen to participate in nationally recognized year-long program designed to accelerate the growth of high-performance entrepreneurs. Lincoln, NE  January 24, 2013 — The Pipeline entrepreneurial fellowship program has announced that Dr. Rob Rhodes, Founder and CEO of InjuReplay, Lincoln, […]

So what is a concussion?

Concussion. It has become quite the buzz word in both the medical and sports worlds.  Let’s take a high-level look at what a concussion is and why attention needs paid to this serious injury.   So what is a concussion? Basically, a concussion occurs when trauma to the head and neck causes a vigorous, unnatural […]