Injury Minute – Turf Toe

Turf Toe Turf Toe is often misunderstood and is much more serious than an infected toe nail. The big toe has a ligament that helps with up and down movement with flexion and extension. It acquired it’s name from artificial turf in the 1970’s when injuries would occur from planting, pivoting and pushing off with […]

Injury Minute ACL

ACL – anterior cruciate ligament The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament, one of the more commonly known sports injuries, could be season ending. The ACL gets it’s name from the latin word “cruciate”, meaning “cross” because the ACL crosses in the front part of the knee. It helps stabilize the Femur to the Tibia and prevents […]

Big Red Wrap-up Concussion

Watch Big Red Wrap-up with hosts Kevin Kugler, Adrian Fiala and Blake Lawrence as they recap the Husker’s first game of Big Ten conference play against Illinois as well as taking a look at concussions with guest expert, Dr. Rob Rhodes, founder of InjuReplay. watch now